Talking About Aging Before We Get Old

The life we lead is a story that has a beginning and an end. We rise, we fall and from the start to the finish, we hope to live it to the fullest. As parents and older family members begin to show their ages, the time for a talk about how they want to age becomes a real and relevant point. Arranging the logistics for this very important talk is key, and getting it right is vitally important to making it valuable. If you are ready to have a talk about aging well with your older family members, this article might help you to have a productive and positive conversation. Read more here.

Looking Ahead at Senior Living in 2015

Planning ahead for retirement has many moving parts. It is not simple math all the time, and it is not getting any less complicated. The connection between money and health pushes the timing and the agenda in this discussion as life spans grow ever longer. Noticeable trends are changing the things that older Americans find important, like monitoring capabilities, urban living and more. Here are some emerging trends influencing retirees today. Read more here.

Fewer Americans Putting Off Retirement

Americans are not as patient for their retirement as they once were. More people approaching retirement age are actually making the transition, rather than delaying it. Most people who put off retirement cite money as the main reason, and of those, most mention the recession specifically. With recovery slowly building in the market and employment figures, those concerns are fading. Many retirees also may change work to a job they’ve always dreamed of or a cause they care about. Read more here.