Don’t Slip Up!

Even the simplest tasks can be complicated by the winter weather we’re experiencing in many parts of the country. Even if you are a cold-weather person, ice and snow can be a challenge. For those from warmer-weather states that get some snow, the danger is even greater. A simple slip and fall on the ice and snow can be a big pain or worse.
A few tips for you:

  •     Wear sensible shoes with tread from rubber or neoprene
  •     Plan ahead and don’t rush to avoid slips
  •     Walk slowly and angle slightly forward over ice

Get some more tips here, and stay safe, ok?

Medicare- Making Value Matter

In a statement from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on January 26, the Obama administration announced major changes to the way that doctors and hospitals will be compensated under Medicare. The payments will shift from service-based fees to quality of care in an attempt to contain rising costs. Starting in 2016, the new payment fees will be based on performance rather than on services like surgeries performed and tests administered. Advocates claim that performance-based initiatives will help control costs while improving quality. Read more from HHS here.

Crucial Conversation Starters for You and Your Spouse

Conversation starters are usually pretty tame. Where are you from? What do you do? Blah blah blah. They’re usually used on strangers to simply break the silence, not on your spouse to help facilitate discussion. There are five topics in this article that will start important conversations the two of you need to have; that will help break the silence on important, senior issues with your life partner. From understanding where your important data is, to making advanced medical and end-of-life decisions, these conversation starters will spark deep and rewarding exchanges with the one you love. Seniors who prepare for the future together enjoy more of it together. Read about these engaging topics here